3in1 Slimm FX-S40


Price:   6,000 USD

Professional device made in South Korea ideal for body sculpture.

- body forming 

- cellulite treatment

- orange skin treatment

- fat soluble effect

- skin rejuvenation on body and face

RF Energy: 60- 100J

RF Freqvency: 1,5 Mhz

Ultrasound: 1 MHz

Diameter of treatment handle: Big 95mm/54mm, Medium 63/33mm, Small 30/17mm

Working Mode: Ultrasound+ RF + Vacuum, Push Up, RF therapy

Vacuum suction: max. 86 kPa, usage range: 8 - 45 kPa

Wavelenght of Infrared: 420nm

Dimension : 138x57x64cm, weight 45kg

Max. Input Power: 100W

Power: AC 220-230V, 50/60Hz