es-3 in 1 SHR IPL+YAG+RF FX-L12


OPT function - With OPT technology, the energy concentration in the first pulse is minimized and is distributed to all pulses equally, which significantly increases the safety and efficiency of the treatment.

CTD technology, adjustable contact cooling technology

Professional E-light head with multi-wave lengths (possibility of changing filters of different wavelengths)

Intelligent color operating system with simple touch control

Cooling water tank up to 11 liters allows continuous work for a long time, while extending the life of the appliance and the stability of the treatment.

Technical parameters:

RF frequency: 10MHZ

RF time: 1000-8000ms

Bipolar RF head with three taps: 10mm 18mm 32mm

RF power density: 10-50J / cm³

IPL Sapphire Crystal

Range of E-light: 480nm, 530nm, 560nm, 585nm, 640nm HR,690nm

Head: Head SHR E-light (IPL + RF) OPT

IPL light source: Intense Pulsed Light

IPL energy: 2 --- 50J / cm²

IPL pulse length: 1.0 ~ 9.9ms

IPL intermission: 10 ~ 99ms

IPL sequence: 1-9T

Cooling system: Indoor circulating cooling system with water, air cooling, semiconductors

Cooling temperature: -5 - 0 ºC

Healing surface of the head: 14mm × 40mm

Power: 2000W

Laser type

Q-switch, ND: YAG solid state laser (Class 4 for lasers)

Laser Pulse Mode: Q-switch

Laser wavelength: 1064nm 532nm

Laser pulse width: 6ns-8ns

Laser pulse frequency: 1Hz ~ 10Hz

Laser power density: 400mj (single pulse), 900mj (double pulse)

Power laser: 600 W

Source: AC 110~220V ± 10% / 50~60HZ (depends of your country)

Safety lock: Max 10a