es-Aquapeel FX-E08


6 in 1 hydro demabration facial machine is a kind of multifunctional skin care beauty machine,which combines 6 types of technologies into one system.It helps to clean the face, get rid of dead skin cells,import nutrition, reduce wrinkle, shrinking pores, shrink pores and rejuvenate skin etc. 


Product type:  Aqua hydro peeling machine 

Probe Amounts: 6 probes

Power: 300w

Technologies: Dermabrasion+Ultrasonic+RF+Spray+Cold Hammer+Oxygen jet peel

Ultrasonic frequency: 1 MHz

RF: 1.5 MHz

Cold Hammer Temperature: 0-5 ℃

(Hydro Dermabrasion)Wet sanding vacuum flow: 30L

Liquid Bottle Type: A/B/C 3 Types

Screen: 10.4 inch LCD touched screen

Dermabrasion filter: 8 pcs soft heads, 4 pcs hard heads