es-CET-RET-BIP 470KHz FX-S24


Function of RF machine :

1. Remove wrinkles and increase vascular elasticity

Application: crows feet/ cleft lip/ muzzle and forehead lift/ anti aging/ neck/ crack.

2. Improve the scalp health

The RF machine are able to heat deeply for the scalp to increase blood, and it also provides a large amount of oxygen and nutrients to breed new hair.

3. Promote and remove fat

Increase blood circulation and the metabolism of fat in fat cells.

Application: reducing abdominal fat/ remodeling the leg and hip contour.

4. Diminish pain

Increasing the blood flow of skeletal muscle, improving the metabolism and eliminating pain.

5. Fat break down

6. Increase the creation of new collagen


Voltage: 220-230v, 50-60 Hz
Power: 250VA
RF wavelength: 470KHZ±10%
Temperature: 39°c - 47 °c