es-CET & RET Slimming FX-S06


Unique method for dissolving subcutaneous fat, reducing fat cells and shaping a character!

What is CET?

Capacitive Electrical Transmission (CET) is a method that allows the transfer of RF electrical current "by capacitance" (the principle of an electric capacitor) to the body of a patient via a moving external application electrode. It is covered with an insulating film that acts as a dielectric and the body acts as the second capacitor plate. The backboard closes the circuit. Electric circulation through the resistive medium produced by live tissues increases their temperature.

What is RET?

Resistance Electrical Transmission (RET), introduced in 1994, differs from CET in that the application of the electrode is not isolated, which allows the current to be transferred directly to the patient with less dispersion, thereby increasing the temperature at a greater depth.

CET - Capacitive Electric Transfer

  • an isolated electrode
  • the current is transmitted "through the capacitor" to the patient
  • it is transferred to a depth of 3 to 5 cm
  • effective for skin care, skin shutdown, pain relieving

RET - Resistive Electric Transfer

  • Electrode of stainless steel (non-insulated)
  • The stream is transmitted directly to the patient
  • transported to a depth of 9 to 12 cm
  • effective to remove subcutaneous fat