.Cryo 3D portable FX-S29


Innovative NON-MEMBRANE Silicone handpiece. 360° big cooling plates!

Advantages 3D Cry Lipo Machine:

  • New marked space:Innovative non-membrane type fat freezing machine

  • Cost saving

  • Comfortable: Adopt Soft and active silica gel in applicator with arc shape design.It is soft enough for skin, so the whole treatment process is comfortable.

  • Good effect: 360° big cooling plates and big treatment area instead of only 2 small cooling plates. Offer strong cooling to get fast slimming.

  • Safe treatment: A control for temperature and accurate positioning of fat reduction

  • Easy operation: Double applicators can work at the same time

Technical Specification:

Technology: Cryo Lipo

Freezing Temperature: -10 °C ~ +5°C

Aplicator screen: 4.5 inch touch LCD screen

Main machine screen: 7 inch touch LCD screen

Air pump flow: 1.6L/min

Aplicator contact material: Active nanoscale silica gel

Aplicator size: 175mm*70mm*95mm

Number of Handles: 2 handles

Power: 500 W

Certification: CE