es-Cryolipolysis 1 handle FX-S08

  • Cooling operation beauty equipment, temperature can reach to -5°C-5°C, up to 5KPa, time to 60min

  • More advanced than led suction, no side effects, good effects, no rebounding phenomenon, woundless

  • Fat freeze, more reliable-adopt the latest cooling technique in the world.

  • Better than RF and ultrasound, simple operation

  • Long effect: One course operation will make you feel different, visible effect will be shown after 1-2 course of operation, it is incredible and last for 3-5 years.

  • Extensive operation: It could be applied to anyone's sagging skin and aging skin

  • Suitable for all kinds of skin.

  • Short time: Shorter period of operation and less operation steps


  • Voltage 220V/50Hz (also available 110V/50Hz )

  • Power consumption: 500W

  • Cooling device output temperature:5~ -5°C

  • Cooling device output : 0-5KPa

  • Cooling liquid: pure water

  • Default working time:0-60min


1. The equipment must be operated by professionals
2. Do not use without antifreeze
- The equipment must be used by professionals
- Patients using the following medical electrical equipment can not use the equipment.
- Implanted cardiac pacemakers or other implanted electronic devices;
- Life-sustaining artificial heart-lung machines and other equipment;
- Portable ECG measurement equipment;
3. The following patients should be agreed by the professional doctors before using the equipment.
- Patients with acute
- Malignancy
- Patients with Infectious
- Pregnant women;
- Patients with heart diseases
- Patients with fever
- Patients are receiving operation or those with abnormal body phenomenon;
4. The following patients using this device should be taken care of.
- Infants and young children;
- Sensory or physically impaired persons;