es-Cryolipolysis 4 handle FX-S14



1. 4 changeable cryolipolysis handles,for different target parts

2. Two cryo handles work same time,for two target areas or two different clients.That can help

earn more each day with more treatments

3. Start/ Stop treatment button on each size handle,easy to run the operation.

4. Treatment display on each size handle,to show the real treatment pressure and temperature

5. Treatment cryo temperature is from -10C to 5C.Vacuum intensity 10KPa-80Kpa.

Which body zones can be treated?

1. Upper / lower abdomen

2. Hips

3. Thighs (inside and outside)

4. Upper arms

5. Buttocks

6. Knee

7. Calves

8. Back

Product Information:

Model: cryolipolysis

Power: <500W

Technology: Cryolipolysis - Vacuum

Vacuum: 10 - 90 Kpa

Cooling: contact cooling (-10 ° C to + 10 ° C)

Screen: Color LCD Display - touchscreen

Voltage: 230V / 50Hz

Coolant: Distilled water

Warranty: 12 months main unit

You will receive a user manual and further e-mail support is possible at any time!