es-Cryolipolysis Professional  FX-S16


Advantage of Best Professional Laser Lipolysis Slimmax Treatment Device

Newest Design Combined Cryolipolysis and i-Lipo Laser technology
Comfortable: no any stimulation to skin
Directional: Can reduce anywhere which you want
Fast: One treatment sessioncan reduce 5-15cm
Safety: Nonintrusive cold laser,no side effect
Cryolipolysis and lipo laser work at same time
Elegant Cryolipolysis headpiece design 8 pads and 6 pads lipo laser from Japan Mitsubishi
Perfect cooling system design
New Plug connector design
10.4 Big TFT Touch Screen


Intensive physical lipolysis to remove fat
Excess fat cell melted
Body slimming, cellulite reduction
Smooth fatigue
Remove obstruction from channels and collaterals
Promote and accelerate the body's metabolism


Operation System:SUPERSONIC  

Lipo Laser Pads:  8 Pads and 6 Pads optional  
Cryolipolysis temperature:-15 to 5 degree
Ambient temperature:5℃ to 40℃ degree 
Power: 800W 
Vacuum Pressure:20-95 KPA 
Lipo Laser Energy:0-120 mW , adjustable for each lamp  
Screen Size:10.4 inch TFT Touch Screen