es-Diode laser FX-L10

  • The diode laser is suitable for all types of hair
  • Large treatment area 12x12mm
  • High energy lets you treat the hairs from light to dark
  • The ability to adjust the pulse length up to 1400ms, allowing you to efficiently heat the hair follicle and thereby permanently remove it.
  • Perfect cooling -5 ° C means instant skin anesthesia, treatment is painless, safe and reliable. This allows the treatment efficiency to be weighed up to 30-40%.
  • A combination of 2 different energies will guarantee the perfect use of the device

The wavelength of 810nm is the classic length for laser hair removal. It offers deep penetration into hair follicles with high average performance, high repeat rate and 2 cm large area of ​​the shaving head, making treatment very effective and fast. The wavelength of 810nm has an average absorption level, so it's safe for darker skin types. Ideal for treatment of hands, feet, chin ...


Laser Type: Dioded Laser

Laser wavelength: 810nm diode laser

Surface size: 12 * 12 mm

Energy density: 1 ~ 120 J / cm2

Pulse length: 10 ~ 1200 ms

Frequency of repetition: 1 ~ 10 Hz

Number of pulses: 10 ~ 50 million (optional)

Cooling system: Cooling contact siphon

Output: 600 W & 2500W (only 1 600W head)

Screen: 12 inch touch screen