es-Oxygen Facial Multi FX-E09


(1) Oxygen therapy light mask

1.Oxygen therapy, light therapy and musical therapy 

2.USB interface, allowing clients enjoy any music they love 
3.have your body and mind completely relaxed 
4.high customer satisfaction 

(2) Inject and spray oxygen 

Mixes the water, medical oxygen and nutrition liquid spray out and act on skin in a speed of max 300m/s The mixture penetrates epidermis into deep dermis with 10μm tiny granules and cleans the follicle and sebaceous gland completely.

(3) Ultrasonic:transmit ultrasonic energy deep into the skin

1.improve metabolisms 
2.elastic skin
4.improve face and eyes contour 

(4) RF therapy:

Through frequency conversion technology produce biological heat energy. Increase the tempreture

1.accelerate metabolism and lump circulation
2.accelerate fat burning,break and soft the deep fat 

(5) Bio -photo electricity:  

1.Clean up and tighten pores  
2.Improve nutrition absorption  
3.prevent aging, anti-wrinkle, improve face and eyes contour
4.burn the fat

(6)Magic hand for body and breast:

Inducing high Bio-electric frequency signal within human body,thus inhibiting the sympathetic stimulation

1.dilate blood vessel
2.promote blood circulation
3.improve the physical movement of blood and nutrients,
4.improve organizational activity,speed up metabolism 

Advantages of oxygen inject machine
1. No extra oxygen tanks,generate high purity oxygen automatically, no consume

2. Patent technology design of hyperbaric Oxygen light mask,blended oxygen, musical and light therapy together

3. The advanced electronic oxygen generation technology, no consume accessories for oxygen generation

4. The magic's hand technology division RF technology, make the beautician's hands into beauty player

5. Unique technical design crush note oxygen lance, Make the oxygen deep into skin
6.  9 in 1,multifunctions hyperbaric oxygen 

Voltage: AC110v/220v 50-60Hz
Output Power: ≤ 450w
Oxygen purity: 96.40%
Rf frequency: 5MHz 75KHz
Warranty time: 1 year
Delivery time: 7-14 days after receiving the deposit
Wave length: 330-990nm
Music output: Self selection
Screen Touch screen
Accessories: Bi-polar RF; Tri-ppolar RF, Ultrasonic for body and for face, Bio photo electricity, Inject oxygen handle, Spray oxygen handle, Magic hand, Oxygen mask