es-Pico YAG Laser FX-L18


Laser pulse energy is strengthened to remove the pigment completely without any scarring.

Removing all kinds of pigment effectively to make broader application.

Technical Parameters

Laser type: Q-switched ND-YAG laser

Energy: max 1000mj

Laser wavelength: 532mn, 1064mn, 1320nm(black doll), 755nm (honeycomb)

Frequency: 1-10Hz

Indicator light: 650nm infrared

Spot diameter: up to 10mm

Cooling system: Wind cooling + Water cooling + Semi-conductor

Voltage: 220V/110V 50Hz/60Hz

Tattoos (black, red, brown, blue, etc. );
Pigmented lesions: Sunspot, Ota's nevus, Melasma, Age spots, CALMS, Nevus, Nevus zygomaticusetc.
Laser facial: Skin rejuvenation and resurfacing, fine wrinkles and expression lines removal, pigmentations reduction such as sunspots and freckles, firms up skin tone.