es-Proffesional 3in1 IPL-YAG-RF FX-L07


Beauty salon equipment with CE approvedmedical IPL SHR+RF frozen RF or fractional+Nd yag 3 in 1 permanent hair removal machine

It is newest technology combined SHR IPL / ND YAG Q_Switch Laser / Fractional RF 3 in 1 Machine;

just one machine can meet your entire clinic treatment requirement.

SHR IPL: For Fast hair removal, Skin Rejuvenation and Vascular Removal.
ND YAG Q_Switch Laser: for tattoo removal, pigmentation removal
Fractional RF: for Stretch marks removal, wrinkle removal and skin tighten.

  • Using a 10.4 -inch touch TFT Color Screen

  • Three Treatment Mode available:

  1. SHR IPL Fast hair removal

  2. Fractional RF

  3. ND Yag Q_Switch Laser Laser

  • All Skin types treatment available


1. User-friendly software design: simple parameters setting and easy
2. SHR Fast hair removal technology
3. quick shooting 1-10 per second, achieve instant large area treatment
by sliding probe on skin only
4. 3 different function headpieces for different treatment requirement
5. Professional design of inner headpiece structure: greatly prolong
the xenon lamp life and enhance efficiency than traditional headpiece
in market
6. 100% American/Germany imported "plug and play" handle
connections: translate into reliable and long lasting machines capable of
continuous work in busy clinics/salons
7. Alarm protection system of water flow and water temperature: stop
all working immediately in case of any risk, protecting people & machine
against any risk at the first time
8. Painless-sapphire temperature cool down 0~100C, make clients more
comfortable in the whole treatment; also no scar in/after treatment


  1. Hair Removal

  2. Skin Rejuvenation

  3. Vascular Removal

  4. Tattoo Removal

  5. Pigmentation removal

  6. Skin Tighten

  7. Wrinkle Removal

  8. Stretch Marks Removal