es-Q-switch YAG laser FX-L01


Q-switch YAG laser is a new generation laser that sets a new era in removing not only tattoos but also treatment of acne skin, bleaching skin and uniting its tone, removing pigment stains, removing red veins.

It works on the principle of two different wavelengths - 1064 and 532 nm, Due to this feature is different from the previous generation of lasers that used only one wavelength. Q-switch YAG Laser produces short flashes (pulses) that pass through the top layer of the skin without breaking it. The light of various wavelengths is absorbed by the pigment of tattooing colors and its subsequent spraying - the distribution of the pigment on small particles. Damaged colored particles remove the immune system of the skin or peel off along with damaged surface cells. The laser works at an accuracy of one thousandth of a millimeter, and we can achieve the maximum treatment of surrounding tissue. With every further treatment, the depth at which the laser acts increases increases the tattoo in the lower layers of the skin. QS Laser will also remove the deepest and most problematic color tattoos.


Laser Type: Q-switched ND: YAG Laser

Cooling: Water cooling & Air cooling

Spot Size: Φ1-5mm (continuously adjustable)

Energy: 50MJ - 1000MJ

Power Supply: AC 220V / 50Hz, AC 10A,

Aim Beam: Semiconductor 650nm Red Aiming Beam

Wavelength: 1064nm, 532nm

Pulse Width: ≤12ns

Repetition Rate: 1-10Hz

Input Power: 500W

Xenon: Φ7 * 70 * 150

Crystal Rods: Φ5 * 85

Dimension: 59 * 44 * 37 cm