es-Q-switch YAG Pico laser FX-L19


Q-switch YAG laser use

1) Treatment of pathological changes of pigment skin, pigmentation caused by a mixture of color pigments, stains, freckles, birthmark, nevus, etc.

2) Specializes in removing red capillaries, coffee, brown and other color tints.

3) Effectively removes all kinds of tattooed eyebrows, lines, eyeliner ...


Laser type: Q switch YAG laser, Picosecond type

Power: 500W

Screen: 10.4 "TFT True Color Touch Scren

Wavelength: 1064 nm, 532 nm, 755 nm

Pulse width: 2-8ns

Frequency: 1 ~ 10 Hz

Energy: max 1000mj

Diameter: 2 - 10 mm