es-Quantum RF Slimming FX-S12


What is the advantage features of the quantum rf beauty machine?

1) Intelligent skin tracing technology ,which can stop heating once away from skin, avoiding burns .

2) Automatically change frequency technology , make temperature constant and balance in the deep skin .

3) RF energy transfer into skin by quantum speed .

4) Highly focus heat into SMAS layer, make deeper temperature can really reach the setting temperature but the feeling weaker .

5) Combined with led therapy and also infrared function .

6) Suitable for both skin and fat ,one machine with multi-function

Black quantum RF beauty equipment

Using quantum computing to automatically control the stratified frequency conversion technology, it is transmitted to the vortex transmitter in the form of high-fidelity radio wave, and controls the frequency variation of its output. Selectively produce high heat in the epidermis, dermis and fascia of the skin, induce wound healing in the dermis through hyperthermia, promote the continuous release of collage from the dermal fibro-blasts, promote the continuous synthesis of new collagen and make it more arranged.The tight, damaged collagen layer is replenished to achieve the purpose of awakening the skin's elasticity and lasting firming of the skin. At the same time, the use of its deep focused high heat has a satisfactory effect on improving the lipid-resistant particles.

Technical Specification

Technology: Quantum RF, LED therapy, Infrared heat therapy

Treatment area: Faca, body

LED wave length: 490 - 650 nm

Infrared wave length: 740 - 850 nm

RF frequency: Automatically change frequency

Output power: 60 V

Machine weight: 15 kg

Packing size: 50,5 x 42 x 37 cm (main machine)

Packing size: 50,5 x 46 x 97,5 cm (trolley)