es-RET 100 Slimming RF FX-S11


New professional strong Ultrasonic skin tightening weight loss fat removal RET wave rf machine RET100 for salon clinic SPA use

1. New RET technology, a special high frequency for fat cellulite burning.

2. Special designed for really fat people, not suitable for common fat, face, chest, muscle and bony areas.

3. No noise in ear like cavitation, no pain at all. People feel warm on skin and hot insides body.

4. Effective - 1~5 kg loss per 5 sessions.

5. Safe - No worry of harm skin as the high frequency apply on cellulite only.

6. Best body shaping result.

Technology: RET radio frequency RF wave technology

Function:Fat Reduction, Fat Melting , Weight Loss

Application: Beauty salon or clinic

Voltage:110~240V 50/60KHZ

Warranty:1 year free guarantee and lifetime technical support