es-Ultrasharp FX-S04


Ultrasharp uses a non-invasive body-forming procedure using pulsed ultrasound energy to target fat cell destruction. It is a non-invasive procedure, which means without any visible injuries, without anesthesia and does not require any time for convalescence, which means that once you finish the treatment you can return to normal life again. Instead of having side effects, it offers almost instantaneous visible effects that begin to be visible after 2 weeks after the first treatment.


  • No undesirable side effects
  • Visible results in a short time
  • Convenience of treatment
  • The use
  • Reducing fat in the area of ​​the abdomen, hips, thighs
  • strengthening the skin
  • shaping the character
  • Integrated Technology: Fat 3D Positioning System - 3D positioning system for fat targeting

The ability to accurately locate fat cells and thus allow precise calculation of the energy required for each discharge to achieve effective pulse utilization on a given area prevents repeated overlapping of pulses. This technology is much safer than previous ultrasound technology.

FUS technology

Exactly targeted ultrasound can get fatty tissue to a similar resonance frequency to prevent damage to the blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue, and to focus on precisely targeted fat cells

Technology Waves vest

Rapid loss often leads to ovisnute skin, orange skin and striations, but with this new technology prevents these unwanted manifestations, while strengthening and closing of the skin and removal of cellulite, thereby contributing to perfect curves.

Technical parameters:

Technology: Focused ultrasound

Max. Power: 900W / cm2

Impulses: 36000 points

Voltage> 230V / 50Hz

Frequency: 230KHZ ± 20KHZ

Camera: HD camera

Screen: 15-inch touchscreen

Technology: Fat 3D positioning system, Waves vest

Power setting: 30 - 75