es-V2 Shape FX-S03


The Slimming V2-shape is the latest trend in weight loss and body shaping. The device combines the latest technology, a proven bipolar radiofrequency using heat, infrared radiation and manual negative pressure in an automatically powered vacuum head. The specially designed rolling roller design through which RF energy passes ensures the automatic drive of the head and the massage of the skin, which evenly overheats the fatty tissue. The vacuum, RF energy and IR energy can be individually adjusted to ensure maximum comfort in combination with its efficiency.

The device is equipped with three heads of various sizes, which can be used to treat the whole body.


Radio frequency: 200W

RF frequency: 2 MHz

Infrared energy: 40W

Wavelength: 610 ~ 650nm

Head sizes: Large: 98 x 110 mm, Medium: 40 x 40 mm

RF head: penta-polar RF

Head life: 5000 hours

Roller drive speed: 0 ~ 36 rpm

Suction vacuum: 80 kPa