es-V3 Shape FX-S02


This unique system uses light at a frequency of 620nm - 660nm in combination with high radio frequency and vacuum. The high frequency heats skin collagen fibers to a temperature of 55-65 ° C, thereby stimulating collagen reorganization. The skin is beautifully pulled out, the subcutaneous fat dissolves, and the underpressure at the same time strengthens the skin. The overall effect is visible immediately after treatment. Changes in orange skin are visible, smoothes the thighs, removes the subcutaneous fat, shapes the figure.


Multipolar RF: 0.8 MHz

Vacuum force: 10 kPa (min) - 80 kPa (max)

Head diameter: 88mm, 58mm, 28mm

Photon light: Red, blue (620 - 660nm)

Screen: 8 inch touch screen LCD