Microneedle RF FX-E20



Highly effective for reducing wrinkles, smoothing the skin, stretch marks, supports the formation of new collagen. Fractional Microneedling Radiofrequency" - uses thin microneedles that penetrate directly to the collagen fibers. In a fraction of a second, a precisely controlled dose of thermal energy is released from the ends of the needles. Strong heating of the collagen and elastin fibers stimulates their subsequent shutdown. An immediate lifting effect is visible. At the same time, there is to start healing processes in the subcutaneous tissue and to create new collagen. Overheating itself causes slight redness of the treated area, a matrix structure and slight swelling of the skin, which, however, disappears within 1 day. 

Facial treatments: 

  • facelift reduction or elimination of wrinkles 
  • rejuvenation 
  • firming the skin 
  • pore tightening 
  • reduction of acne scars 
  • unification of skin tone 

Body treatments: 

  • reduction of stretch marks 
  • reduction of excessive sweating 
  • softening the manifestations of keratosis 
  • skin tightening after childbirth 


Adjustable needle penetration depth up to 4 mm 

Extensions: 4 changeable extensions 

 RF frequency: 1 MHz Vacuum