Microneedle RF FX-E12



Made in South Korea Microneedle RF

Micro Needle RF system is a ideal technology for skin rejuvenation by applying preciously controlled RF energy directly into a certain depth of dermis with minimally invasive micro needles. Such an ideal combination of micro needling plus RF energy reduces treatment time and recovery time significantly differentiating from fractional laser based treatment. 

Face Treatment

1.Non-surgical Face Lifting

2.Wrinkle Reduction

3.Skin Tightening

4.Skin Rejuvenation (Whitening)

5.Pore Reduction

6.Acne Scars


Body Treatment



3.Stretch Marks

Technical data:

RF Frequency : 2 MHz

Needle depth: 0.25 ~ 3.5 mm (adjustable by 0.1 mm)

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