Proslimm RET&CET 448kHz FX-S41


Price:   4,900 USD

Face & Body shaping CET & RET RF, 448 kHz RF frequency with deep penetration

  • lifting & firming skin

  • eliminating eye wrinkles

  • eliminating dark circle and bags under the eyes

  • eliminating facial puffiness

  • whitening and rejuvenating skin, tightening pores


Dissolving the fat, reducing it`s size by 2-6 cm, improving abdominal distension, improving cellulite tissue, improving menstrual irregularities and dysmenorrhea

Shoulder and neck

Unblocking neck meridians, relieving neck stiffness and soreness, promoting lymphatic drainage.


Lifting the sagging hips


Eliminating sagging inside the upper arm and improving skin relaxation

Back and waist

Eliminating muscle soreness, numbness, swelling and pain, dredging back meridian, eliminating moisture and cold from the body, eliminating soft tissue adhesion, dissolving fat and shaping it.

1. When CET&RET RF on the dermis, it mainly acts on collagen fibres and elastic fibres to stimulate collagen to contract, activate cells and repair broken collagen and elastic fibres, and stimulate the secretion of more new collagen. So as to achieve firming of the skin, improve wrinkles and enhance the chin contour line to shape facial contours.

2. When CET&RET RF on the tendon layer, it mainly acts on the muscle tissue layer. According to the biological effect of the electric heating technology, it acts on the human muscles to increase the temperature of the deep tissues, promote the expansion of blood vessels and accelerate this circulation of lymph and accelerate the metabolism. So as to achieve the effects of relaxing muscles, anti-inflammatory and reducing swelling.

3. When CET&RET RF on the fat layer, the stubborn cellulite is gradually dissolved through the high-frequency diathermy characteristics of the electric heating technology, so as to achieve the effect of eliminating fat, slimming and shaping.

CVC negative pressure technology

Specially designed negative air pressure suction heads are used for different depths of kneading massage stimulation for the skin`s epidermis, vascular layer, fat layer and nervous system layer.


RF function: CET&RET

Power: 300W

RF frequency: 448 kHz

RF handpiece material: ceramic

Ceramic headpiece size: Ø80, Ø70, Ø50, Ø30 mm

CVC headpiece material: medical stainless steel

CVC headpiece size: Ø80, Ø70, Ø60, Ø50 mm

Machine size: 355*375*1250 mm

Work frequency: 50-60 Hz

Input voltage: 220 - 240V