Vital hydro injector FX-O06



Working Priciple:

Vital Injector inject hyaluronic acid to corium layer directly to keep skin moist and soft.

Solving skin problem from base so that estore elasticity, sincerly help for whitening ascension.

Vital Injector one treatment stay some years

Application for 2015 latest popular anti-wrinkle professional beauty center Vital Injector/vital injection

1.Forehead,temple,periorbital,perioral and cheek photoaging.

2.Cheek and lip augmentation

3.Atrophic scar improvement

4.Hair pore shrink and neck wrinkle improvement

5. mesotherapy Mesogun beauty injection machine


Safer, faster and more precise in treatment


mesotherapy gun injection is the use of hyaluronic acid injection directly on the skin, hyaluronic acid containing a body of water 200 to 300 times, it is possible to make the facial skin moist and soft, shiny and translucent. After the injection so you have artists like smooth and translucent skin.

For Skin Whitening, improve dull skin, relieve wrinkles, improve pigmentation, acne, restore elasticity and so has a significant effect.


1). Forehead,temple,periorbital,perioral and cheek photoaging.
2). Cheek and lip augmentation
3). Atrophic scar improvement
4). Hair pore shrink and neck wrinkle improvement
5). Mesotherapy gun beauty injection machine

Appliance Scope

1), wrinkles, large pores, skin sagging;
2), freckles, date spot, age spots, melasma, pigmentation and other pigment disorders;
3), telangiectasia, skin flushing, rosacea, erythema, acne and other vascular diseases;
4), skin muddy, finish lower, more sebum, acne.


1.Applicated for endogenous and exogenous injection
2.has 5 pins injection technology which can speed up the treatment process
3.Adjustable injection depth, doses, speed and suction intensity.
4.Anti-backflow technology applicated for medicine and blood.

Technical Parameter

Voltage: 110V/240V 50Hz/60Hz

DA: 12V/5A

Power: 50W

Display: 4.3 inches LCD touch screen

Multi-needle: 3needles, 4needles, 5needles, 9needles

Mode: Low speed/High speed/ 10-250 times/min

Advantage: Sing needle, Multi-needle, Vacuum, 3 in 1

Single needle caliber: 0.25mm, Depth: 0.25~10mm

Multi-needle caliber: 0.25mm, Depth:0.25~5mm

Vacuum Flow: 25L/min Pressure: 90Kpa